Ambition (feat. Devin Sullivan)

from by Robert Rosenbrook

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Feeling the pressure squeezing my chest
as I wonder if I'll ever get one last breath.
Hearing the world cry.
Seeing darkness grow as light recedes.
And I'm stuck in the tear drop falling to the bottom.
The breath I received came to me in a bubble
filled with glorious sound;
a choir who sang out,
"Save me before I drown!"

Through burning eyes, I see
large orbs floating 'round me,
and as I drift past them like in a dream,
new notes come to me
"How can this happen to me?"

Still I find these air bubbles are scarce.
Tears flow from my eyes and mix with the water.
The world 'round me keeps growing darker.
I hear myself burst and use my last breath to shout!

Watching the bubbles rise,
travelling far 'til they reach the surface.
Hearing the words I cry
as they begin to escape my mouth.
"Save me before I drown!
How can this happen to me?"

Finally before me,
a light seems to be forming.
I hear choirs singing softly.
Angels, they have to be.
No others have such a voice.

I've never known such beauty.
I've never known it to come through me.
I radiate.
The orbs pulsate in time.
It caresses.
Leaves me breathless.

I radiate.
The orbs pulsate
in time.
Until they can take no more.
One by one
they're destroyed.
Until there's only one.


from Balance, released June 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Robert Rosenbrook Richmond, Virginia

Prog Metal solo artist from Richmond VA

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